All good things must come to an end

And so it is with MacGyver's active duty Army career. We received word yesterday that he was not selected for promotion. We are sad and disappointed but not surprised. I think we would have been more surprised if he HAD been selected. From what I'm hearing, the selection rate was less than 50% on this board. That is a HUGE cut in the Warrant Officer ranks.

It's been a LONG three years and a big part of me is glad this is finally over. I am excited about the possibilities and that is currently winning out over the panic attack that is bubbling below the surface. So, for now, I am immersing myself in my headhunting responsibilities as well as in paring down our belongings. Looks like we are moving into a smaller (read: less expensive) place here in the near future.

Lots of changes coming. And we all know how well I tolerate change. Hang on to your hats, people. This might get a little bumpy.


- hfs


Crista said...

Sorry to hear this. You've been brave for so long. You are such a strong woman....and I know there are great things waiting for all of you on the other side of this Army life.

DL Sly said...

There's an open window somewhere. You'll find it. Just take your time and breathe.

Homefront Six said...

Take my time? Ha! I hit the ground running. I'm in full headhunting mode. It helps stave off the panic attacks :)


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