Full plate

Yep, still here. Still breathing. Actually, more like huffing and puffing. I feel like I'm going 18 directions all at once and can't focus on any of them. So, pretty much the norm around here! We just wrapped up a 4.5 day weekend which was really nice. We didn't DO anything in particular...actually we really didn't DO anything at all except meet up with some wonderful friends from Hawaii that were in town. But it was a glorious weekend!

And now we're back to the grind. MacGyver's flying and working his butt off. School has started and this is our first week of full days. This year is going to prove to be more challenging for all of us - sixth grade is no cake-walk! The work load has intensified and I think The Girl is in for a bit of a surprise in terms of how easy she's had it until this point. Not that we've been slacking...it's just that sixth grade (and the curricula I have chosen for her) is going to be challenging. But that's a good thing.

In addition to my teaching gig, I am up to my eyeballs in the headhunting gig. And the home-finding gig. So a full-time job plus two part time jobs in addition to the whole 'mom' thing. Sleep? Sleep is overrated.

Looks like we've found a place to move to. Less expensive, closer to our activities (so it saves us in the gas department as well), smaller (read: less space to tidy and keep up with as well as lower utility bills), and closer to many friends. It should be available sometime after the first of the month so we'll be packing up and moving over shortly. I hate in-town moves. Well, let's face it...I hate all moves. But in-town moves are the pits because you don't really PACK anything. You just kind of scoop up what you have and schlep it over to the new place. When we moved the 3 blocks (yes, three blocks) down the road in Hawaii, it was like watching Sanford and Son move. It was ridiculous. I'm pretty sure we rolled our washer, dryer, and the entertainment center down the street on a furniture dolly. Yep, classy. It was much less stressful to have movers come in, wrap everything up, load it into a bunch of crates, and ship it off. But it is what it is and this move will help us sock away another chunk of change in anticipation of the end of Army life. *sigh*

Speaking of the end of Army life (*sigh*), we did get a wonderful ray of sunshine in terms of good news the other day. Looks like there is room in the F-model transition class for MacGyver. This is a HUGE blessing and opens up so many more doors for him in both the civilian and National Guard world. I've about exhausted the D-model job opportunities (in terms of throwing a resume/application at them) so now it's on to the F-model job opportunities. Something will stick. Hopefully, it will stick in a location I'm hoping for!

I'd love to type more but right now there are 3 loads of laundry on my couch that are begging to be folded and put away. I have 2 posts in queue and two in my head - one about balancing my minimal(ish)™ tendencies with my stockpiling tendencies and one about my mom's visit and touring the post. But for now, the laundry wins.


- hfs


Anonymous said...

HEY!!! don't blame me for the tour of the post!!! you put the duct tape over my mouth so i couldn't diss Custer!!! i had a great time and loved seeing you guys!!! and J makes some great coffee for the AM!!!!

Homefront Six said...

I don't recall saying anything about blame. Put your exclamation points away, woman. Sheesh.

Leslie said...

Laundry always wins, in the end.


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