My minimal(ish)™ move for the day

In an attempt to avoid going street-rat crazy while waiting for news from the promotion board, I am trying to stay as busy as possible. Yesterday, we tackled The Girl's room. She had decided she wanted a change of scenery so we tidied up and moved furniture around. She lost floor space by pulling the bed away from the wall but the layout now reflects the fact that she's almost 11 years old and not 6 anymore. Even though I am having a tough time coming to grips with that concept.

Anyway, moving on. Today, I tackle the receipt/coupon drawer. It's not quite a 'junk' drawer but it's close. It's one of two drawers next to the fridge - an area that isn't really involved in food prep so it turns into a dumping grounds of sorts. MacGyver and I each have a basket on the counter for things like paperwork, magazines, odds and ends, etc. There are two drawers - one holds batteries and such and the other holds receipts and coupons. And it's a MESS.

Here is the 'before' picture:

Receipts, expired coupons, phone books that are never used, and goodness knows what else in there. 

Here are the piles after I hauled everything out of it:

On the left is the pile of phone books, maps, and other local area information - some of which is used, most of which is not. The middle pile is a bunch of expired coupons - newspaper coupons, Costco coupons, Walgreen's coupons...you name it. Next to that is receipts. I'm not sure why I keep them - I'm usually pretty good about writing down what I pay for things in my spreadsheet so there's really no reason to hang on to them. The far right pile is miscellaneous stuff - a notepad, some fridge magnets, a recipe clipping. 

And here it is all tidied up. I ditched the expired coupons and the receipts. I also ditched most of the phone books and maps, hanging on only to one local phone book and the post phone book. Our worm manual is also in here, as is my notepad and the bag of unused fridge magnets. I'll go through those and ditch most of them but not today. 

The counter has been wiped down, the basket cleared out, and the electronics somewhat wrangled. That should keep me sane for a bit!


- hfs


Anonymous said...

hope you hear something soon! My CW2 husband also didn't make the list last year, but heard last Friday (from his former Commander in Korea!) that "unofficial" congratulations were in order. He's since had about 6 of the same "unofficial" congrats. I pray that good news is on your way. The waiting is the PITS!!

Pogue said...

Nice clean up... Phone books don't even make it in the house any more. They go straight to the recycle barrel along with all that unsolicited junk mail. :-)

And hang in there - we're still with you out here!

Crista said...

I'm with Pogue...I don't even bring phone books in any more. I do have the post phone book and maybe one local one still left but it's probably a few years old. I use my phone or a computer to find information these days.

I have a similar counter space but it's covered solid with stuff and will stay that way. There's a method to it and I'm not changing it.

But I'm loving watching your little projects. :)


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