Spray and pray

My friends and family insist I need to take my time, remember to breathe, let things sink in, and so on.

Yeah...not so much.

I've had three years to breathe and let things sink in. I've been on hold for three years. And now, the uncertainty has been lifted and now we know. Shortly after the end of the year, MacGyver will no longer be a part of the active duty Army. As disappointing as that is, at least we now know. And the contacts and resumes I've been sitting on for three years can now be put to use. And they are.

Long before the promotion results were made public, we had compiled a list of all of the National Guard units that utilize CH-47s. Our first priority (and it is OUR priority...what makes HIM happy makes ME happy) is employment that allows him to continue working toward his federal retirement. He'll have 14 years in when he gets out - no sense in letting that go to waste. So National Guard or other federal employment is our first priority. After that, contract work (with a part-time Guard slot on the side) is the next batch of possibilities. We're also looking at overseas employment - UK, Australia, and even the possibility of contract crewing in the middle east (last resort). And there's always the GI Bill.

So we have options. But I'm not waiting until we get to his terminal leave to start working all of this. I'm employing what one of my friends called the 'spray and pray' technique - throwing resumes at anything that involves the word "CH-47" and praying that God opens one of those proverbial windows. And He will. He always does. I did the same thing when I was fresh out of college and looking for a teaching position. And I did the same thing when we were moving to our first duty station in Alaska. And each time, a great job opened up for me - mostly because I asked. Another friend of mine has a saying, "The answer is always 'no' until you ask." So resumes go out in large quantities. We'll see what opens up.

But I'm not waiting. I'm not going to sit around and breathe and let this all sink in. The pickup rate for this promotion board was less than 50% - that means that there are dozens of well-qualified Warrant Officers out there who will be clamoring for open positions. So no waiting.

Besides, if I wait, the panic attacks ensue. And I'm an ugly crier.

So, if you want to keep the redhead from ugly-crying, let me know if you have contacts in the aviation world for a CH-47D Maintenance Test Pilot. Those around me thank you!


- hfs


Gathering Me said...

I am pretty sure HE wants you back in Hawaii...

Crista said...

You are so strong and He will find a place for your family.

Barb said...

You are so right - if you don't ask, you can't find out. Spray and Pray is the best approach!

Pogue said...

You've had enough waiting time. Now you have freedom to act. I've always found things easier when I'm doing something to set my own course. Stay strong!

Homefront Six said...

GM ~ I AGREE!!! There is a spot in Hawaii open as I type...keep praying!


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