There are days where I seriously consider putting my children back in public school if for no other reason than to be able to maintain tidiness in this house for more than 13 minutes. If they were in school, I could tidy up and - for SEVEN GLORIOUS HOURS - this house would stay tidy. Let me tell you, it's an enticing prospect.

As we get closer to our move to the next town over, I feel my frustration levels ramping up. Short distance moves are a major pain in the katuchus. There's really no need to pack - you're just moving a few miles away. Toss stuff in a box, schlep it to the new location, put it right back on the shelf it was sitting on an hour ago. Easy peasy, right?


That's never how it works. You know this. I know this. And yet, we're three weeks from this move and I've not packed a single thing. And I can't say I plan to do so. Why bother? This is how I see it going:

- remove drawers from dresser (leave clothes IN the drawers)
- remove dresser from house
- load dresser on to trailer
- put drawers back into dresser
- drive 20 minutes to new location
- remove drawers from dresser
- unload dresser from trailer
- take dresser into new house
- put drawers back into dresser

Why do I need to pack? I can see packing the breakable stuff - dishes, glasswear, pictures, etc. But everything else? Nah.

In the meantime, I fight the never-ending battle with our stuff. I've come to the conclusion that one of the reasons I want to get rid of so much stuff is because it EXHAUSTS me. The constant battle of trying to keep a house clean while the other three people I live with undo pretty much any progress I make just wears on me. It would be infinitely easier if there was less STUFF with which to battle.

Less stuff = less stuff to put away = less exhaustion/frustration for me.

Or I could keep the stuff and get rid of the people which leads me back to my opening paragraph - I am halfway considering putting my children in public school just so I can have a 7 hour head start on them each day in terms of keeping this place neat. I think moving into a smaller house will help that issue significantly. It's harder to leave the messes when you're only living in 1,500sf as opposed to 3,400sf. In 3400sf, if there is a mess, you can just move to another part of the house where the mess is NOT.

And then make a mess THERE. And then move to another part of the house where the mess is not...it's like the book, "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie". But in a smaller house, if you make a mess, you won't have anywhere else to go and you'll either need to clean up your mess or sit on Legos while you try to play with your friends. Not particularly comfortable.

I am convinced that we, as a family, do NOT need anything larger than 2,500sf. Honestly, I'd be happier in 2,000sf - enough space to fit everything without having to get too creative with the storage solutions but not so big that you can leave messes in your wake like Hansel and Gretel and their stinking breadcrumbs! We'll see how that plays out and maybe, just maybe, I'll change my mind about sending my children off to public school.



- hfs

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John of Argghhh! said...

You've seen our house - that's 1700 sq ft. Good thing it has a basement...


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