We made it. We survived a full DITY. It all fit...kind of. Mostly.

We're exhausted but glad to be done with that move. Now we have a few months to get things truly organized, boxed up, and ready for the next move. Whenever that may be. To where ever that might be.

We like the new neighborhood. In the first week, a handful of kids showed up at the front door with Nerf guns in hand, wanting to know if The Boy and The Girl could play. Add that to the fact that we are no longer driving 20+ miles each way to our activities every day and you have a happy family. And if you believe the folks around here that say that THIS winter is going to be a mean one...because last winter really wasn't a winter at all. We'll see. All I know is this...if Murphy is still hanging around for the next move, he'll bring lots of snow with him. Because that's how we roll.

In the meantime, MacGyver should have more time to get things organized and ready for this move as he is no longer slotted to take the F-model class. As disappointing as that news was (trust me, foul language was employed on my part), it makes sense from a financial standpoint. No sense in spending the money to train him if he's going to be gone 3 months later. We're looking forward to a work schedule that resembles something a little more normal in the weeks to come and he's planning to use that time to follow up on job leads.

So that's that. We're still here, buried in cardboard boxes. Have I mentioned lately how much I HATE cardboard boxes? Yeah...that.

Still working on tracking down information on the whole involuntary separation pay thing with regard to a full-time National Guard slot...and still accepting leads on CH-47 pilot employment (or any other aviation employment where MacGyver could train up on the airframe). Thanks!


- hfs


Mrs. Stripes said...

Glad you survived. DITY moves can really suck the life out of you, eh?

One thing down, a zillion things to go. ;)

Anonymous said...

We are in a similar position as you guys. My husband is a pilot for the Army, passed over a second time and beginning the separation process. We were lucky enough to have been able to find an open position within a National Guard and with a lot of phone calls with the hiring official, calling in every favor he could of think of and doing well with the interview, he was able to land a full time position. It is a GS, federal position, and not an AGR slot and from what we have been told, having talked to multiple people including finance, we are still eligible for the separation pay. Of course, I won't be counting my eggs until the money is in our account and lets be honest, even after that, it wouldn't be a shock for the military to come back for that money at one time or another. But as of what we've been told so far, it's ours to keep. Hope that helps!

virgil xenophon said...


Don't think they have any CH-47s, buy y'all might look into PHI (Petroleum Helicopters Int) in Lafayette, La. It's the largest pvt rotary fleet in world servicing the gulf oil rigs,etc. Just a thought..

virgil xenophon said...

For some reason Blogger is mis-firing, that's me, above,



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