A few more questions

I've said, time and time again, I'm not particularly smart. And maybe it's naievete on my part to think that the people running entities such as the CIA would know that email communication is not safe from the prying eyes of the Federal government...even if you use the Tom Clancy supersecretsquirrelspy trick of leaving your communication in the draft folder of your 'anonymous' email account for the other person to read.

But really...if *I* know that, wouldn't it stand to reason that the head of the freaking CIA would know that and find...I don't know...some other way to communicate with the woman with whom he was having an affair and divulging state secrets? Because I know *I* would. And I'm not running the CIA.

Ghostery.com put up an article today from MakeUseOf regarding the 3 Most Secure and Encrypted Email Providers. Timely, no? I had heard of one and am making note of the other two, but like the article says, even those won't protect you from a court order. You can take your chances with the 5th Amendment but I hope you have the name of a good lawyer.

But it all comes back to this: if *I* can figure this stuff out, then the man running the CIfreakingA can figure this stuff out. When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Man, I wish I were a fly on the wall in those hearings today.


- hfs

p.s. I'll be updating as more questions come to mind. Feel free to post yours in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Here's another for you that came to me today... Four 4-Star generals have "gone down" in a very short time...out of a total of 14! General Hamm was, and I have this on very good authority, involved in Benghazi as well. He had put together a strike team to go help the people at the US Consulate, was told to STAND DOWN, and refused. Mere minutes later, as he was about to send the team anyway, his second-in-command entered the room to tell him he had been "relieved of duty"! What is O and his administration trying to hide? How far and wide does this go? It's obvious that they sat there watching, literally saying, "Let them die and make sure that they do!"

Anonymous said...

I posted the questgion yesterday about how to find others like us...

Based on your post about email encryption, I suspect you're starting to think about why online meeting can be undermined. I have direct knowledge on the capabilities that the government can bring to the table. As increased loss of privacy and control is implemented online, our communications will be used to target us. Fr now it's okay but as clashes increase it will backfire on us since the gov powers will defend themselves.

Whe internet comms fail, due to censorship, monitoring, natural dsaster, whatever...you need a way to find other like minded people in your local area. Some will be Obama voter types that would rat you out with no problem...how to find out who you can trust...?

During the American Revolution they built a great spy network with commoners and people inside the gov. How did they find each other wthout outting themselves to British sympathizers? That's what I want to find out...that delicate dance to find out loyalties.

That may sound paranoid, but based on what you and others have described of the gov's behavior and lack of ethics, morals, etc, what's to stop them from taking things further? Very little holds them back...a million Tea Party marchers didn't even make the news...be prepared is my motto at this point.

Anonymous said...

Other anonymous-- I agree completely! The gov is building a monstrous $2 billion facility in Utah RIGHT NOW to store all emails, web info, calls, texts, all of it! And without warrants. All in the interest of keeping us "safe". I don't think the facility is complete yet but no idea for sure. We do need to know how to communicate with each other when "natural disasters/outages" knock us out of e-connectivity. This underscores my belief that we need to form groups of folks to help each other in times of crisis. This is about self-sufficiency. That doesnt mean only one person but rather to work in community. I firmly believe that we are witnessing the birth of a slave nation and God is not happy about it. We still have choices, but need to be careful. What do you suggest for getting and staying connected?

Anonymous said...

Start with a small group of trusted friends and family. Don't make the group too big. Keep it on the down low. Small cells of trusted people is how spy networks are setup. It works and it's the safest. Keep things offline and face to face. Prior military are a good place to start.


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