Just Keep Swimming

I've been trying to get my feet under me after this move and I just can't seem to gain any traction. I got hit with a cold during the move (I wouldn't recommend this) and managed to recover enough to not die on our 12th or 13th trip between houses. And I managed to survive getting things either unpacked or stuffed into storage and make the new house at least livable.

And then I managed to come down with a second cold. I usually get one major cold per year - usually when the seasons are changing. It knocks me down, takes my voice, and moves on. This year, I seem to have been caught with a one-two punch. The first cold was icky but not quite as brutal as my colds usually are. I should have known something was up. This second cold is kicking my butt. I sound like I've been smoking since I was 12 and I cough like a coal-miner. Right now, I'm living on a diet of Mucinex, Sudafed, motrin, Vitamin C (along with the other vitamins I usually take), echinacea, and NyQuil at night. I have no appetite even though I am HUNGRY so I am sucking down orange juice like there is no tomorrow. I'm surprised my nose hasn't turned orange.

And, while I'm fighting to get my immune system back on track, MacGyver's busier than a 1-legged man in a butt-kicking contest (he came home at 4pm yesterday and it was shocking to see him home while the sun was up) and the kids' activities (and mine) are still going full-force. No rest for the wicked, it seems. Keeps me out of trouble, I suppose. And, if I'm being honest with myself, I did this TO myself. I'm that mom that gets excited over all of the opportunities at the beginning of the school year. Flag football! Swimming! Archery! Awana! Art classes! FUN! It doesn't dawn on me until later - how am I going to fit all of this into our schedule. I used to do the same thing when I was in college - the classes all sounded like fun. And when I realized I had signed up for 21 credits, I about fell over. But I did it and wound up on the Dean's honor roll that semester so, apparently, I thrive under pressure.

In the midst of all of this, the job hunt continues. We have a few promising leads but nothing solid just yet. I doubt we'll have anything solid until after the holidays. And that is fine. I'm not panicking...yet. Talk to me after the holidays and you might see a different scene.

The school year is chugging along. The Boy is enjoying learning cursive and has moved into 4th grade math (not bad for an 8 year old) and The Girl is starting to really gain traction with fractions (hey! I'm a poet and didn't know it!) and is loving the switch we made for Language. We switched to Total Language Plus and it's literature-based so she's really enjoying it. The Boy is as well since I read aloud to him for the most part. And we are all enjoying science (anatomy) and all of the hands-on stuff that we get to do.

Other than that, life is a big waiting game. Waiting to see how this upcoming election goes (I've held off posting anything political but I have a post forming about Ambassador Stevens' murder in Benghazi). Waiting to see what jobs pan out and where we go next. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Fun times (says the impatient redhead)!


- hfs


Mrs. Stripes said...

Ugh. Being sick makes everything harder. Hope you feel better soon, and glad the schooling is at least going well. :)

And I am so not looking forward to job-hunting when we get back to the U.S. next year. Nope, not at all. *le sigh* Just going to cross my fingers that I get lucky and find something before the husband's enlistment ends!

Mom5Kids said...

Hope you feel your bouncy self soon.

NaCly Dog said...

I can help with a local job, but the pay will not support a family of 4. Please pass on birthday wishes to your husband and I hope you are healing.


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