Thirty Days of Thankful

Many of my friends on Facebook are into the whole 'Thirty days of thankful' thing (say that ten times fast) and are posting the things in their lives for which they are thankful. And it's all wonderful and sweet and whatnot but I have red hair and I like to be different. A rebel, if you will. So I'm going to skip the typical 30 things for which I am thankful and have some fun with this. The people and things in my life for which I am most thankful (hopefully...if I'm doing things right) receive my thanks more often than just in November. So here's my list - in no particular order...

1. central air and heat - We saw heat indicies as high as 114°F this summer and (supposed) lows of -20°F (maybe that's with a wind chill...), central air and heat are pretty much required in these here parts. Otherwise, I'd move back to Hawaii and MacGyver would be a sad panda.

2. chai - Because coffee is gross but caffeine is nectar from heaven.

3. the internet - It's where all of my friends live!

4. the mechanical skillz of MacGyver - Otherwise, I'd never be able to leave my house and I'd go crazy and kill us all. I drive a 14 year old car with 125K miles on it. It has issues. Actually, it doesn't have issues...it has the entire damn subscription. He just finished replacing the thermostat housing (again) that was leaking coolant and  some other part that was leaking oil and has a new radiator on order because that's toast too. Reverse is being a stinker (a common issue for this make/model of car). She needs a new hood/front left quarter panel and a paint job. She probably will need new tires before the end of 2013. The alignment needs to be adjusted. The bushings on the sway bars need to be replaced, as do the bushings on the driver's side front door. See? Subscription.

5. Heated mattress pads - See #1. Best Christmas present EVAR.

6. Indoor plumbing - See #1 again. Oh, and I smell good. And so does everyone else in this house.

7. My APUSHistory teacher - Because those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Mr. Marshall was one of the best teachers I've ever had the privilege of having and no one who went through that class should find themselves repeating history. He was THAT good.

8. My Government teacher - He taught us to THINK. And he held our attention. And he stood up for what was RIGHT. And he found you a date for prom if you didn't have one. And he gave a damn.

9. My red hair.

10. Pinterest - Better than a cookbook and a craft fair all rolled up in one!

11. Elf on the Shelf - Clyde is our elf and he's a mischevious little bugger. But he's fun and we all really get into it. This year, MacGyver will be home and can help come up with some trouble for Clyde to get into.

12. Amazon - How else would I keep track of what to get everyone for Christmas, what books to read, and the best prices on organic coconut oil? And FREE SHIPPING! And free streaming videos!

13. My smart phone - I don't need a TomTom or a Garmin or a dictionary or a calculator or a phone book or a watch. I have my PHONE! And I can play Scrabble on it so life is good, even when I'm stuck in line at the commissary. And sometimes I WIN.

14. Homeschooling - The school bus rolls past my house about 0715...or so I hear. I've not seen it because, at that hour, I'm STILL ASLEEP.

15. Being FROM SoCal - It's a fantastic place to be FROM. Never want to live there again. I just go back from time to time for my In-N-Out fix.

16. Being from SoCal - Beach, mountains, desert...all within a day's drive. In-N-Out, real Mexican food, food of 79 different cultures, pretty much every shopping experience, outdoor experience, live performance, and activity you can think of...all in one crazy location. Oh, and 115 million of your closest friends. And smog. And crime. And gangs. See #15.

17. Manual transmissions - Because dropping it into 3rd gear to shoot past some moron in the fast lane going 60 is FUN. And I don't have to wait for an automatic tranny to catch up with my thought process.

18. Chocolate - Do I really have to explain this? If I do...you won't get it.

19. Starbucks - because they have chai. See #2.

20. My iPad - Best babysitter money can buy.

21. Melatonin - Because insomnia SUCKS.

22. Fleece - It's like wearing a cloud. And see #1. Again.

23. Dennis Miller - he gives voice to the thoughts in my head. Only he gets paid for it.

24. Team Rubicon - www.teamrubiconusa.org

I cannot watch this video without crying. Which is impressive for a redhead who has no soul. I love TR more than I can express with words. If you have an extra $5 and a few minutes, go donate. Not only are the helping the people on the east coast after Hurricane Sandy, they are helping people like Harry realize that they have SO much still to offer this country and this world.

25. Cereal - It's not just for breakfast.

26. Waffles - Because drinking maple syrup straight from the container is rude.

27. Spaghetti - Who doesn't like spaghetti? And with our crazy schedule on some nights, this has been a LIFESAVER (and budget saver) for us recently.

28. PX brand bandaids - See #4. All of that mechanical work comes with a price. Often, MacGyver will come in from the garage, bleeding. I'll ask, "What did you DO to yourself?" and he will say, "I have no idea." The PX brand Strong Strips are wonderful - tough and they stay on forever (I think I've yanked a few freckles off when trying to take these bandaids off). We buy them in bulk and not being able to buy them anymore is one of the saddest things about MacGvyer's Army career coming to an end. Thankfully, we'll have 2 years of commissary/PX benefits after he gets out.

29. Neosporin with the painkiller stuff - See #28. Also, I have children. And a very low pain tolerance. Hangnails are EVIL!

30. Blogger - Because where else would I be able to put stuff like this up? Blogger has kept me sane for eight YEARS now.

So, for what are YOU thankful? And don't give me some pat, namby-pamby answer.


- hfs


Anonymous said...

Me, namby pamby? Yeah right. I'm grateful for Tab. It keeps me from hurting people.

Homefront Six said...

But Tab is bad for you in the morning, right? ;)

Pogue said...

Hmm, I see a black market in PX Bandaids opportunity coming on... :-)

Aloha Ya'll! said...

Oh my gosh, we all just got the heated mattress pads and every night when I get in bed I just sigh, "Thank you God for heated mattress pads!" It's 27 freaking degrees right now and I miss Hawaii!!

Hogdayafternoon said...

My 1st major g/f (Irish) had red hair. We parted. She never married. Still looks great. My 1st wife didn't have red hair. My one and only wife has red hair. I don't make the same mistake twice :)

Homefront Six said...

Smart man, Mr. Hogday.

AY ~ I feel ya. I feel ya.

Pogue ~ possibly. The NEX brand bandaids are NOT the same.

Crista said...

Kiddo begged for a month before I would let her get out her heated mattress pad. I'm always afraid she'll burn the house down or make it so hot she'll burn herself. Whatever, at least she's done whining about how cold it is? lol

I grew up with heated mattress pads. My mom was as stingy with the heat from the furnace as I have now turned out to be. No so with the air conditioning in the summer but way stingy with the heat. lol

I totally agree my smart phone is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I can do a million things with it. Upgraded last week and I am just as in love with this one as I was when I got my first smart phone in early 2010.

And I adore Amazon, too. I do so much shopping there. 2 day free shipping...I'm loving my first year of Amazon Prime. Should have done that a long time ago.

Most of all, I'm thankful the man is back home for Thanksgiving. Won't be long and he'll be gone again. There is nothing in the world like walking in the door with him (no warning...she had no idea) and hearing my "I'm so grown up" 16 yr old squeal with delight "DADDY!!!"

And, after yesterday....and my new part time job...I'm thankful for people who work in retail. Got a lot of Christmas shopping done yesterday in Denver and the people there are always nice, helpful, etc. It was a good day and I'm thankful for that.

Michelle said...

Yeah, I am doing it on FB cuz I can only think of one or two things each day--and during a deployment, that is a lot of thinking :)


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