Goals: update

It's now Monday so I'm taking a look at how I did on the whole goal thing this week. Our week was a little wonky in that MacGyver is not going into work right now - he's on permissive leave and is home during the day which tends to throw our normal routine off track. I'd say that this coming week will be better but it's a short week (Martin Luther King, Jr's birthday holiday and a few other things that will disrupt our normal schedule) so I won't fool myself into thinking that.

Here is my progress for the week:

- exercise 3x this week  (actually only twice)
- remember to take my vitamins every day
- increase water intake: at least 1 tall glass with each meal/snack

- read for at least 1 hour each day

- ??

- write at least 3 letters/cards and MAIL THEM (this is where I fail) (yep, they are written...and sitting on my dresser as I've not yet made it to the post office)
- call 3 people this week (I HATE talking on the phone) (I called 2 people)

- complete 5 days of my reading plan (still working on reading through the Bible)
- write out prayers for one specific person each day for 5 days this week
- 15 minutes of prayer time each morning (it was more like 5)

So there it is. Not too terribly bad. Had I added in "watch all episodes from seasons 1 and 2 of Downton Abbey", I would have had another goal crossed off. I love that show. Maybe I can put that under the 'Emotional' category. The funny thing is that I remember my parents watching Masterpiece Theatre when I was a child, though it was probably my dad not my mom. And now, here I am.

How did you do on your goals? 


- hfs

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Loreta Hoskyns said...

What a good idea i think i might start making gaols and i guess posting them online means you have to achieve them otherwise everyone will know... lol