January challenge - update 3

I had to hit the store today - we were completely out of fruit, yogurt, and juice. We were also low on cheese. And all of those things are staples in our daily diets. I had coupons and saved 21% with those and my club card but still wound up spending $36+ (the receipt is in my car and it's cold and rainy so I'll post actual totals tomorrow). So that puts me at about $124ish for the month. Not quite as low as I had hoped to be but not too bad either. Thankfully, our meal plans for the rest of the month are unambitious and I still have plenty of proteins stocked up in the fridge. So my shopping trips for the rest of the month should be limited to fresh produce and other perishable items.

I have not yet tried the crock pot bread - I think I'll take a go at it this weekend. Tomorrow is supposed to be lovely with near-record breaking temps so I plan to not be in the house much! If it winds up being as warm as they are saying, I'll be opening up the house at the warmest part of the day to let some fresh air in. I try to do that at least once per day - I truly believe that fresh air will help keep the sickies away and out of the house. But that is tough to do when the high is only 36°F outside. Brr.

Tomorrow night is homemade refried beans, rice, and taco fixings - kind of a DIY dinner night. I think we'll play some games too - either Sequence or Settlers of Catan...both of which my children have fallen in love with. Then it's on to the weekend! I live an EXCITING life.


- hfs

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