Just have to do a little happy dance today - we managed to hit our savings goal EARLY! Payday was today and, even though it took a hit from the (Obama: no tax increases for those making less than $250K/year...) increased payroll taxes, we were able to transfer enough into savings that we hit our savings goal EARLY!

And, just in time for this good news, the dryer died on us yesterday. Of course. I'm hoping it's just a belt (MacGyver seems to think it's just a belt) and an easy/inexpensive fix. Thankfully, he starts his permissive leave toward the end of this week so he'll have time to tear it apart and look into it (homeschooling lesson!). And thankfully it's the dryer (and not the washer). We're quite adept at hanging our clothes to dry so this isn't a major inconvenience. It died on us when he was at JRTC for a month right about this time last year so we've done this before. If anyone is inconvenienced by it, it's MacGyver - he's not a big fan of line-dried clothes. At least our electricity bill will go down a smidge!

I'm off to do a happy dance about hitting our savings goal. And prep a meal plan for the next 2 weeks. I'm still on track to have kept our food bill down at 1/2 of our usual budget. Woohoo!

Also, if you look to the right (----------> ) you'll see a Starbucks logo. It's linked to my PayPal account and, if you feel so inclined, you're welcome to hit the tip jar, as it were. Someone had emailed me about doing one of these a while back and I took a hint from my friend, Lex, and created one. It's my one luxury in life right now. So feel free to put a smile on my face! Thanks!


- hfs

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