A check! For ME!

$105.87! Go little blog!

First, thank you to my readers - all 5 of you - for occasionally clicking the Google ad links (like the one right below this post or over to the right in the sidebar). Because of you, I got this wonderful check in the mail on Friday - MacGyver's last day in the Army. I don't believe in coincidences so this blessing was a welcome sight in an otherwise unsettling day.

And I have plans for this check - plans that I had been praying about for a week or two before this showed up, which makes it even more special. The Girl is getting to the age where we need to sit down and really discuss the physical relationship between men and women and the nitty-gritty (don't want to say 'nuts and bolts' because that would make me giggle and this is a SERIOUS topic...sort of.) as to how babies are made. Our family is choosing to use a curriculum called Passport to Purity.

It's a really nice, all-inclusive curriculum kit about relationships, dating, sex, and marriage. It has a journal for her, a guidebook for me, and it's designed for a get-away weekend for the two of us. I've taught health (and sex ed) in high school and could have gone that route with my children and that would have been ok (we actually started in on health at the beginning of this school year and have been studying puberty and the associated changes through both that and our science lessons) but I wanted something a little more special for my daughter. She loves the one-on-one time and a get-away is right up her alley. But I didn't know where I would scrounge up the money for a hotel room, meals, and gas. So I prayed about it and let it be.

Last week, I received an Ebates.com check in the mail for the shopping I did over Christmas ($31 and change). On Thursday, I sold 3 math books I had advertised on a homeschool for sale site (another $45) and Friday, this check came in the mail. That combined with a few dollars tucked away from my spending money each month should cover everything! How perfect is that? I haven't yet told her - I need to square away a few details, make reservations, etc. but I'm really excited just to have some time away with her. And it won't negatively impact our budget one bit! 


- hfs


Mom5Kids said...

What a blessing! You girls will have a great time :)

Homefront Six said...

Hey! It's good to 'see' you round here! How have you been?? I miss you!

Aloha Ya'll! said...

Practice the balloon thing before you go on your weekend, a lot of people have it pop. I used pieces of tape to keep it from popping so that it actually worked.


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