Puppy love

The kids have been pestering us for months, if not years, to get a dog. We've never really been in a position to get one before - uncertainty as to our future in one location and living in rentals that didn't allow pets pretty much put the kibosh on owning a pet. Until now. Korea has a dearth of homeless pets - dogs and cats. Thankfully they also have wonderful organizations here that work to get many of these animals fostered or adopted.

We've been browsing the adoption sites, looking for a dog that looked like it would fit our family well. We wanted a younger dog for a variety of reasons: the kids are still young, we're a pretty active family, it's possible we'll be moving again in the future (can't say I plan to make SK my forever home) and moving can be tough on older pets, etc. We finally found a good match and picked her up last weekend.

Meet Ginger. She's (what we believe to be) a Finnish Spitz. She looks like a little fox. She was rescued, along with her mom and littermates, before Christmas and is about 11 weeks old. She's sweet and pretty calm (for now) and has started to relax a bit from when we first got her home. She's quite the fan of playing with bouncy balls and is really good about sticking close to our heels and following our every step. If she keeps up with that, I'd love to look into agility and obedience training with her once we get back to the states. We like her so much that, when we heard that one of her littermates is still in need of adoption, we asked to have her as well and are now making arrangements to get back up to Seoul to get her. They're like potato chips - you can't have just one! Having a playmate around should make things much more fun for Ginger, and us.

Our settling in is going along pretty well. It helps that MacGyver was here 5 months before us. But we're making friends (quickly...I had forgotten how quickly military families, when living in a small and isolated military community, make friends) and learning our way around. We took off to Seoul last weekend to explore a bit - using the train and subway. I'm looking forward to going again once it's not so cold outside. We did manage to find 'Doni Burger' that my MIL had pointed us toward (after having read an article in the LA Times about this place and its similarity to In-N-Out) and tried out their burgers. They were pretty yummy. Not quite In-N-Out but still very good.

And then the other night I had a chance to go out with some wonderful ladies and check out a couple of local coffee shops, whereupon I discovered Korean Honey Bread. It. Was. DIVINE. It's about 1/2 of a loaf of something that resembles Hawaiian sweet bread with cinnamon sugar and powdered honey drizzled all over it and baked. It is then topped with whipped cream (while still hot), caramel and chocolate sauce, slivered almonds, and what seemed to be Frosted Flakes. It's served with vanilla ice cream. I'm still on a sugar high. 

My Korean reading skills are coming along. Slowly. But I'm learning. And I'm learning my way around well enough that I can usually find my way home after getting lost. About a week ago, we were also lucky enough to meet up with some friends from Kansas that are stationed up near Seoul. They came down this way and we were able to spend the day with that - that was good for me soul! We're hoping that we can get up to see them soon. I'm hoping, once the weather warms up, we can take the puppy on the bus and head up to Seoul to check out some of the great parks they have there and just go exploring. 

And to complete an otherwise full month, one of my very bestest friends is here visiting her husband who is stationed here (unaccompanied) so I get to spend time with her while he's at work. Yay!! All in all it's been a pretty good month. 


- hfs


HMS Defiant said...

Delighted to hear that you all are settling in and enjoying the land. It's a wonderful place.

virgil xenophon said...

Yes, good to see that there is cheer in your "voice" these days. Hope all will continue to improve..

The Best,


Homefront Six said...

Thanks VX! It's nice to have some cheer in my voice these days.


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