Writer's block

I used to think that writer's block was caused by a lack of subject matter. Lately, I find myself in a the exact opposite position - there is so much that crosses my mind on a daily basis that I want to stop and write about. By the time I get my brain lined out enough to string a coherent thought together, I am overwhelmed by all that I want to discuss.

And as I sit here, trying to get words out, I am still all balled up.

We've been here 5 months. Hard to believe that - feels like we left yesterday. I am still really homesick and looking for any and every opportunity to get us back to the states, preferably back to my house so I can set into motion all of the plans I have for it and my acreage. I could go on and on about the things I miss but the list would be long and I don't think that is a judicious use of my time. Instead, I'll try to recap some of the stuff going on here.

Let's see...where did I leave off? Two puppies, adjusting to Korea, eating lots of good food, trying to learn the language, a volunteer position coaching the swim team, making some friends, already having to say goodbye to others, wrapping up the homeschool year, kids' activities, a play that 1/2 of my family is involved in, and trying to find things to do this summer that a.) don't break the bank and b.) keep us from being bored.

A lot has happened since I last wrote - not so much to me personally but in the world. And I have opinions...lots of opinions. But I have neither the time nor the inclination at the moment to hash them all out. But I need to and I want to - they are clogging up my mind. So I will make a list (it's what I do) and start working through it in the hopes that I can unclog my melon.

1. Sewol ferry sinking and the cultural indifference of Koreans toward safety
2. the ridiculousness that is the Army in Korea
3. Bowe Berdahl
4. the sad state of lifeguarding at Camp Humphreys (see #1)
5. reflections on the 1-year anniversary of MacGyver's departure from the Army
6. reflections on this past school year and upcoming changes for next year
7. my thoughts on the question, "When do you plan to go back to work?"
8. Basal Cell Carcinoma and paying the price for sunburns when I was 8. And 9. And 10...
9. The release of the NTSB report on my friend Lex's crash and the 27 months since he died
10. Korean food that I love

I am sure there is more - this is just what is currently floating around in my head. It's been a crazy few months and I'm hoping that this summer gives us a bit of a break before we start school again in the fall(ish). I'm enjoying the relatively mild weather - we've only broken 90°F once so far but I know that the monsoon season is coming. I'm debating buying raincoats for the dogs and possibly boots as well but I suspect it will just be easier to hose them off each time we come in from a walk. Takes them forever to dry though.

For now, I will go back to something I love...food.

Honey bread. Because God loves me and wants me to be happy.

Java Chip Frappacino. Because I can't drink Chai *every* day.

Jolly Pong - my favorite Korean snack food. Like Honey Smacks but with a cocoa coating.

Korean BBQ. Galbi and the accompanying banchan (side dishes) are my favorite food here.

Organic strawberry spread from a local strawberry farm. Delish.

Korea does Baskin Robbins better.

I've started making my own bread at home. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

One of my favorite candies and I can't find it anywhere here so I have to order it. Thank goodness for both Amazon and eBay. And APO addresses.

McDonald's is here for when we are feeling homesick.

Korean culture class teaches all sorts of stuff. Like how to make kimbap.

Wild strawberries grow in my 'backyard' (not really my backyard...more like the forrest behind my house).

비빔밥 or bibimbap. Rice and veggies (sometimes meat but I prefer the vegetarian version) topped with sesame oil and soy sauce served in a ragingly hot stone bowl. Aside from galbi, this is my other favorite Korean food.

It will be surprising if, when we leave, I don't weigh 25lbs more than when we arrived.


- hfs


Mom5Kids said...

Good to hear from you! Korean food is sooo yummy, enjoy it while you're there :)

Homefront Six said...

It is! Thankfully Korean restaurants (maybe not beef and leaf places) are somewhat plentiful in the states. How ARE you??

Mom5Kids said...

HOT! other than that we're good. I don't know if you heard, but we're in Saudi, hence it's hot. I miss reading your blog on a regular basis, so I hope you get the 'clutter' out :) At the beginning of the month I switched my postings over to thetasart.blogspot.com. Since I am mostly posting art, not kids stuff, the title makes more sense.


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