Why do we not have this?

So...Starbucks. I love Starbucks. Specifically I love iced venti chai tea lattes and their Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappucinos, so really what I love is dessert in a cup. But that's beside the point. Starbucks. We are fortunate to have it over here. However, this IS the land of the 'not quite right' so Starbucks Korea is not quite the same as Starbucks back in the states. There is no 'My Starbucks Rewards' here which means no free drink for every 12 that you purchase, no free drink on your birthday, no special promotions for members, etc.

It's a travesty. (not a 'tragedy'. Just a travesty.)

I have brought it up to the management at the SBUX on post and basically I get a pat on the head and a smile and that's it.

This past weekend, we travelled to a different military installation on the peninsula and I found this...


Obviously Starbucks Korea isn't going to implement a rewards card any time soon but the nice thing about Starbucks is that the empower their employees to run local promotions (I asked at the place where I found this to make sure that this WAS something our local SBUX could do. They can. They are just choosing not to.) and the management at this SBUX came up with their version of a punch card - a sticker book. Names are printed/written in the column on the left (the pages are in page protectors) and the stickers are placed in the column on the right. The baristas note when a free drink is earned and the stickers are removed. Lather, rinse, repeat.


Seriously, how difficult is this to do? It's not. It's really not. My children could do this. Maybe I should offer their services to our local SBUX.

Here's the thing that kills me about this place - in the next 2 years, the bulk of 8th Army will be shifting its location from Yongsan up in Seoul down to Camp Humpreys. The population at Camp Humphreys will almost triple in 2 years. The demand for services and burden placed on infrastructure will be heavy. It will be the major leagues.

And this place isn't even up to Little League status. They are playing City League.

I would go on a rant about it all but this post is about Starbucks and not the ridiculousness that is Camp Humphreys.

Needless to say, I'll be showing these pictures to our local Starbucks management.


- hfs


Theta R. said...

Good luck!

HMS Defiant said...


I had nearly forgotten about Princess.

In Korea, buy your own coffee prep stuff et coffee and then supplement it to taste. It might take a blender.

Or drink the tea.

I am happy to see you thriving.



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