Last swim meet

Who knew that six weeks ago, when I posted about the fact that I was coaching again, it would all be coming to an end much sooner than I expected? I sure didn't. As frustrating as this season has been it has been equally rewarding, if not more so, and I was  really looking forward to taking the team even further. There is talk about the high school reinstating their swim team now that the move to the new high school is complete and I was looking forward to being involved in that possibly.

Today was my last swim meet as the coach.

I tried not to think about it much while standing on deck but it was difficult not to. Watching our swimmer J. swim a 50 of each stroke when, at the beginning of the season, he could barely make it from one end of the pool to the other was tough. Knowing how far he came in such a short amount of time makes me so proud of him. Watching several of our swimmers who have struggled both with starts and turns really start to improve on them and be willing to try them during a race made my heart swell. And being able to hang out on a hot pool deck and just chit chat with them all (while trying to take splits for 4 kids in the same race) was the best way I could think of to spend a Saturday afternoon. 

Oh, how I missed this. And oh, how I will miss it again.

I despise goodbyes and I was hoping that our exit from military life would allow me to at least cut back on them. Apparently not. 

We pack out in less than two weeks and fly a few days thereafter. To say this has been a whirlwind would be an understatement. I'm still trying to process it all. The upside is that everyone's tour here is short so maybe our early goodbye will spare me having to say goodbye to friends over and over and over as they leave (if we were to stay).

But I am still sad. I love the kids on my team and I love what they've built and the one silver lining is that the team is in excellent hands with the woman who has been coaching alongside me. We've had someone else come along and express interest in helping out so my hope is that the two of them can continue to build the program. I can't wait to see where it goes.

Our fundraiser for the pups is going well and we are already over $2,000 in funds raised. I am humbled by the response. You can check out the donation site HERE

I am going to go lick my wounds a bit and then get my act together for our end-of-the-season party. I think they expect me to give a speech or something...


- hfs

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HMS Defiant said...

Oh drat.

I checked for months and months and there was nothing here. I leave for awhile and you hit the keyboard.
We just had 2 high end Chinooks (they could actually take off and fly) here in Metroparkcentralis last weekend. They made it out alive and headed home. I think one of them had a PENNANG sigil on the tail.

Best of luck.



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