Civilian vs. Military Life: An Observation

The Boy had a Scouting event recently and sitting there, a realization slowly dawned on me...there were men. LOTS of men. Men in Scouting uniforms. And it blew my mind.

All of the Scouting we've done until this point has been military-related and mostly run by women - wonderful women but women, nonetheless. Female Pack Masters, female den leaders, females everywhere. There were some men but they kind of came and went - field problems and deployments and 24/7 work schedules usually prevented them from fully participating so the women filled in. And that was a blessing.

But this time, there were men. Men leading the Pack. Men leading the dens. Men in the audience. Men everywhere. And it is a wonderful aspect of civilian life. As much as I miss military life, I don't miss the men being gone all the time.


- hfs


virgil xenophon said...

Gee, I'm like Curtis down blog, I'd check in and little activity, stay away for awhile and miss much. Hope all goes well for you--y'all have had MANY trials & tribulations. Godspeed..

Homefront Six said...

VX ~ I suspect that's more a result of my inconsistent posting than your absence from reading my blog! Thanks for stopping in. And thanks for the good wishes.

HMS Defiant said...

you don't know it but you and your family were good for my soul when my world fell apart and took my 4 year old daughter away. I started here from Neptunus Lex. I took him and Mary to dinner at Sbiccas in Del Mar along with Dave Harvey, Tamara, Beth and my sister and her husband. If you had been in the neighborhood, I would have invited both of you.

Brisk winds and a broad reach. So long.

Homefront Six said...

Curtis ~ I am sorry I missed your comment until now. I am so glad that you were able to find comfort when it was needed and I am sorry that your world fell apart. My hope is that, in retrospect, it's not as horrible as it was then. Prayers that you are well.


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