Going 'home' again

Have you ever gone back to your old house - the one you grew up in (assuming you're not a military child and that you haven't had 10 bedrooms like my oldest has had in her 13 years) - after having grown up and moved out? Have you ever realized that your room is smaller than you remember? A LOT smaller?

That's how I'm feeling right now. When MacGyver's contract was defunded, we couldn't stay in Korea but we also couldn't go back to Kansas - we have a renter in our house and I'm not inclined to boot the person that is paying my mortgage. Plus that would be rude. I would have loved to have gone back to Hawaii but with no income, that makes no sense either. Southern California affords us opportunities that other locations do not - family with extra bedrooms and extra space, access to many CFI (certified flight instructor) courses and other training that MacGyver can take advantage of using his GI Bill, job possibilities for me that pay decently, and activities for my children.

So here we are. 

And I feel like I just walked back into my childhood bedroom after having been out on my own for years. This place feels...familiar and yet quite alien at the same time. A lot has changed here but it's still the same little city. Only more crowded. A lot more crowded. And it feels weird. I am sure that part of it is slight culture shock (though we were only in Korea for 9 months). I wandered around Target and the local grocery store and had to leave because the 13 choices for dog food were overwhelming me a bit.

And I never planned to be back here for anything other than holidays and short visits. But this time around is shaping up to be a more extended stay. That's ok - just unplanned and it's taking some adjustment.

Story of my life. 


- hfs

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