My hometown is a black hole. I've always joked about that. I have friends that made it to other countries, only to be sucked back in by the black hole that is my hometown. And I joked, thinking it would never happen to me.

Never say never.

Not only am I back in my hometown, I just went through the first round of interviews/testing for a position I held 20+ years ago. To say it was surreal would be an understatement. To say I am tired after the swim test would also be an understatement. Apparently, I am not 20 years old anymore. Who knew?

But the pay is solid, the hours are flexible and I can work them around homeschooling and MacGyver's schedule (he's looking into taking some helicopter courses here locally to work toward his private pilot's license). And it's lifeguarding! Best job in the world. Who knows? Maybe the swim team (which my daughter has considered swimming with while we're here too) will have an opening.

Being back in the pool I 'grew up' in was really cool and really weird all at the same time. Not much has changed - they took out the 3m board (liability) - but the locker rooms still smell the same and the facility is still pretty much as I left it back in the mid-90s when I left town for good. There is an odd comfort to all of this and I'm grateful.

I am doing my best to be patient (not one of my strong suits) and revel in the small blessings of being here. I've already run into several old friends and have plans to meet up with more old friends in the coming days and weeks. Our family that we are staying with have been nothing but gracious and the dogs have settled in nicely. All of this helps temper my itch to get things settled and move on to the next chapter of our lives. I'm still hoping and praying to get back to Kansas, to move back into my house at some point, and to implement many of the plans and dreams I have for the property.

I keep saying I don't do 'limbo' well but I guess I need to change that statement. I don't like it but I've had enough practice at it over the past 5 years that I can now say I do it decently. But I'm quite tired of it and would like to stop now, please. In the meantime, I'll enjoy having In-N-Out and REAL Mexican food at my disposal as well as access to many old friends and beaches. Works for me!


- hfs

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Marcy said...

You are a very funny lady. Enjoy your wit. Moving back to your old home town after 20 years. I don't think many people could take it. Must be kind of fascinating to what's changed and who's changed. Like the start of a novel.


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