Explaining military life (or pseudo-military/contractor life as it were) to civilians is exhausting. I dread questions about our circumstances and usually resort to tidy explanations such as, "My husband works as a contractor with the military and is between jobs right now."

So much easier than delving into anything that resembles details.

I sat toward the back at church today (I prefer to do so - easier to cause trouble in the back!) and in front of me were 4 women who had obviously known each other for some time and probably sat together on a regular basis. And I envied the crap out of them to the point that it almost brought me to tears. I'm pretty sure God was all *faceplam*.

The Girl got in the car today after church and was quite subdued so I asked her what was up. She told me she doesn't want to make friends while we're here because she knows she's just going to have to say goodbye to them. I feel her pain.

I'm tired.


- hfs


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