Explaining military life (or pseudo-military/contractor life as it were) to civilians is exhausting. I dread questions about our circumstances and usually resort to tidy explanations such as, "My husband works as a contractor with the military and is between jobs right now."

So much easier than delving into anything that resembles details.

I sat toward the back at church today (I prefer to do so - easier to cause trouble in the back!) and in front of me were 4 women who had obviously known each other for some time and probably sat together on a regular basis. And I envied the crap out of them to the point that it almost brought me to tears. I'm pretty sure God was all *faceplam*.

The Girl got in the car today after church and was quite subdued so I asked her what was up. She told me she doesn't want to make friends while we're here because she knows she's just going to have to say goodbye to them. I feel her pain.

I'm tired.


- hfs


Anonymous said...

We looked for a church after we married and tried the ones in Del Mar. Our first experience at St. Peters was a non-starter. The one said, "oh, you're knew, let's have you do the offertory and walk the donations to the front.

We selected church for the music and went on to the next

Homefront Six said...

We like the church we have found. We tried a few others and they were ok but none clicked until this one. Our issues have nothing to do with the church and everything to do with the limbo we're in and the stress of multiple moves in a short amount of time.

We're just a little unmoored.

Anonymous said...

although not every ship comes safely to shore, I think you all will. Best wishes for a joyous Thanksgiving.


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