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"Breaking: report reveals absolutely no terrorists were forced to choose between burning alive or jumping to their death"

To say I am conflicted over this would be an understatement. The part of me that remembers watching people choose between burning to death and jumping out of a window 70+ stories up has no issue with water-boarding or sleep deprivation or loud music and bright lights. The other part of me that understands that true torture rarely yields the results sought and draws us more toward our barbaric, animalistic side does have a hard time with it. 

For me, what it boils down to is this: swift justice. If we had the fortitude to mete out swift justice to our enemies upon their aggression, we wouldn't be thirteen years (or hundreds of years, if you care to study history) into a war with an enemy that only understands violence of action. 

I hear people say that they’re weary of the Long War. I understand. I’m weary of it too. But mostly because I’m tired of us notfighting it, at least not fighting it to win it. Instead, we’re sending our best and bravest off into meat grinders with both arms tied behind their back, told that they’d better be nice and gentle with the beasts trying to murder them or we, the nation that they’re fighting for with a courage and dedication second to none, will treat them far worse than we ever treated Khalid Sheikh Mo-ham-head." ~ Emporer Misha



- hfs

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OldAFSarge said...

Amen sister.


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