Post-Thanksgiving Thoughts

Thanksgiving was a quiet event this year - much different than in years past. And it was bringing me down a bit - I was missing the loud, busy, crowded dinners we've been a part of. But a text from a friend brought that all into perspective and has really snapped me out of my little funk.

My friend asked how life was going after I texted him to wish him a happy Thanksgiving and it gave me pause. I had started to write to him about my gripes and grumps and stopped about half-way through the text - that wasn't what I should be focusing on...especially on THANKSgiving. So I erased what I had written - my trivial complaints - and typed instead that we have a roof over our head, delicious food on the table, and everyone is (relatively) healthy. Really, what more can one ask for?


Not one thing.

So when I start to get grumpy and chafe at the limitations I'm currently dealing with or the minor frustrations that pop up in my life, I just go back and re-read that text and get my perspective squared away. We are healthy. We are housed (with offers from others backing up the graciousness of my in-laws) and fed and have clothes on our backs. We have a car that runs (knocking on wood as I type this) well and gets me to and from work. I have a job that helps make ends meet. They aren't quite meeting but they aren't TOO far apart and we have some savings that is helping to bridge that gap. We have prospects on the horizon.

We are blessed. And because we are blessed, we are constantly looking for ways to bless others. It may not be with money or gifts this year but we can bless others with our time and our service - even in little, unseen ways: doing a chore for a family member; running an errand; helping out at work beyond what the job description calls for; donating some of our excess (because even in these lean times, we are abundantly blessed); spending time with friends and really BEING with them. It's not much but it's what we can do.

And we are blessed to be a blessing.


- hfs

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