Making progress

I am winning the war on cardboard. Not only am I vanquishing it from inside my house, I am vanquishing it from my life. Had a friend swing by yesterday and take home easily 75% of our boxes. They are planning a move out of state and will need all of the boxes and packing paper they can get their hands on. I am happy to oblige.

The house is probably about 75% unpacked.

Kitchen: 95% done. Need to find homes for a few odds and ends and hang decor and curtains.
Family room: 80% done. Two boxes of mementos that I need to sort through and decor to be hung.
Bedrooms: 80% done. Kids need mattresses and (got new ones) desks.
Living room: 50% done. Needs furniture (armchairs) so right now, it's the holding space for all of our wall decor.
Garage: I don't know. MacGyver says he's unpacked everything and is now putting things where they belong.

I am missing a box. Probably a dish pack that has my toaster oven, crock pot, kitchen linens (pot holders, oven mits, etc.), the contents of my junk drawer (found it!), and a few other odds and ends. Not a big deal but annoying, nonetheless. However, not nearly as annoying as our renter. The house came with a washer and dryer (our old ones). He was told he was welcome to use them and, as with any other appliance in the house, to let our property managers know if there were any issues. The washer was only a few years old and the dryer had never given us any trouble that wasn't fixable. When we came back to the house, the washer and dryer were gone. We thought our property managers had them but they did not. (in their defense, when it came time for our renter to clear, they had a family emergency and he bailed in the middle of the night)

Our property managers finally reached the renter and she said he was told that, once the washer and dryer started having issues, he could 'ditch' them. Um...no. No one told him that. Apparently the washer 'started leaking' and, rather than call the property manager, he 'ditched' the washer and then gave the dryer to his mom after buying a new set. I can *almost* understand ditching the washer (not really but it's more believable than giving the dryer - which was NOT his! - to his mom) but where he gets off giving away a functioning appliance that wasn't his is beyond me. Thankfully our property managers were able to find us a new (to us) set at a refurbishing company so we now have a washer and dryer but I'm still baffled by our renter. He also broke my windmill which pisses me off more than the washer and dryer. And I won't even go into the cleaning he didn't do, the dog poop he didn't pick up (one and a half 13-gallon trash bags from dogs he wasn't supposed to have, per the lease!), or the expanding foam insulation he piped in around the styrofoam pieces he put in the windows downstairs - foam he piped on to my wooden windowsills.

Needless to say, we learned a LOT with this renting experience - namely that our previous property managers really weren't anal-retentive OCD control freaks when they made us sign leases that were ridiculously explicit. They just knew what people were capable of. Thankfully, none of the damages are beyond what his security deposit will cover so we're good. But eesh.

Work (for me) and school (for MacGyver) start tomorrow so we're on to the next chapter. I am excited for both of us, probably moreso for MacGyver because he's going to be doing more of what he loves - flying.  I'll be working with people I really like so that is a plus too. It will take us some time to get in to a rhythm but we'll get there. And there are some irons in the fire for additional opportunities so that's exciting as well. Hopefully we don't have to do the broke college student thing for too long. In the meantime, we'll just keep plugging along. I'm sure I'll have more to write once my life settles down a bit.


- hfs


Crista said...

Glad you are settling in. Moving is always such an adventure. I'll be heading through your neck of the woods one last time in June as we PCS out of here after nearly 8 years. *sigh*

HMS Defiant said...

I am happy for all of you.
my very best regards,


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