Two steps forward...

...one step back. Back to the Sunflower State. Back to the closest thing that resembles 'home'. Hoping to pick back up right where we left off a little over a year ago. Some pretty big changes in store for us - new jobs, new careers, new school situations, (relatively) new house. Old friends. Well, 'old' in the military sense...as in we've known them longer than a year. For military families, that's old!

I am one part thrilled to be going back to Kansas and one part sad to leave this place I grew up. I'm finding that being here - surrounded by the 'used to be' memories is making me quite sad. There's no way we can afford a house here - hell, we can't afford a studio apartment here - and even if we could, it will never be to me what it was and that makes me quite sad. I had a terrific childhood. My hometown was a perfect place to grow up. I had good friends, wonderful family, and great experiences here. But this place has changed. There is so much that looks like what it used to be but *I* am not who I used to be and that changes everything. You can't go 'home' again...not because 'home' has necessarily changed (though in many ways it has), but because *you* have changed.

So we are off on a 3-day road trip. Because two international moves in a year weren't exhausting enough. I'm just hoping we don't run into a blizzard. I've been keeping a keen eye on the weather and we're taking a southern route in the hopes of avoiding not only steep elevation climbs but snow for as long as possible. I cannot wait to get back into my house again. We were only there for a few short months so I really didn't get to settle in and learn it. And I'll get to see my STUFF for the first time in 18 months. I wonder how much of it I will look at and think, "What in the WORLD was I thinking keeping this?!?" I sense another round of serious purging coming on! Last time, I managed to knock out a literal TON of stuff - I dropped 2,000 pounds of stuff from our last move to this one.

I'm going to have to get used to wearing semi-professional clothing again. Working as a lifeguard, I've been schlubbing around in Guard shirts and track pants but now that I'll be working in an office, I need to dress appropriately. Thankfully there are a few decent thrift stores in the area so I can supplement my wardrobe a bit. I weeded through and ditched a good 50% of my clothes before we moved to Korea so my goal now is to only buy basic items that I not only need but look and feel good in. Shouldn't be too hard - even after purging my wardrobe, I still had a solid amount of basic, fundamental pieces.

I can't wait to paint a wall or 10. I can't wait to tackle the bathroom redo. I can't wait to plant a real garden. I can't wait until next Christmas when I can put my own decorations up for the first time in 3 years! SQUEE!

At the same time, the house will be a bit lonely without having the grandparents around. I am so grateful for this time with them. I am grateful my children were able to spend time not only with them but in the town their parents grew up in. It's been fun showing them around. But now it's time to PACK!


- hfs


BethD said...

Excited for you... Hard to grow up, isn't it? :o) Safe travels! Enjoy the journey.

Homefront Six said...

This actually feels like one of the lesser grown-up things I've done recently.

Buying health insurance...that feels grown up. Closing on the house when I bought it felt grown up. This move? Not so much.


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