Getting my feet back under me

Lately, I've been obsessed with finding new music to listen to. Here's the thing...I'm not musically inclined in terms of playing instruments or being able to sing. I don't make people next to me cringe when I sing but my voice is not worthy of being on stage. I can carry a tune in a bucket but that's about it. I played violin from 4th through 8th grade but never learned to read music and dropped it the moment swim team came into my life.

Recently, I started learning to play bass. A friend asked me why I chose bass and my reasoning is that, compared to guitar/piano/etc., it's relatively easy - not as many notes to play in any given song. And there aren't that many female bassists so there's that niche. I'm learning and doing my best to also learn to read music as I go. Thankfully MacGyver is a great sound guy and has set me up with a mini sound board, amp, etc. at home and my friend that is teaching me to play loaned me a 4-string to practice on at home.

Getting back to music...I'm not a musician. But I have loved music all my life. My first memories from childhood involve music. It has surrounded me all my life. My tastes in music are about as varied as anyone I've ever met. I don't discriminate between genres...or languages. A friend mentioned he was listening to Ukranian pop the other day so off I went to find some to listen to. My 80gb iPod is almost full and 75% of it is music. The rest is language lessons. That's a good 60gb of music and that's not everything I own. It's how I relate to people, it's how I connect spiritually, it's as if my life has an ongoing soundtrack.

The other day, someone pointed me in the direction of Marcus Foster and I found this song. It fit.

I remember hearing a long time ago that our bodies often function in 7-year cycles. I have no idea if that's true, but my life - and my body - have been a bit derailed for the past seven years or so. I've spent the past seven years feeling like Bambi on the icy pond, unable to get my feet back under me. Every time I feel like I've found my feet, they splay back out from underneath me and I'm back to being face down on the ice. I'm still not on solid ground just yet but I can feel myself inching back toward dry ground.

To that end, I'm trying to get back into writing. I finally feel like the log jam in my head is starting to clear and that I can finally start processing things verbally instead of just rolling with the punches. We'll see.

We'll see...

- hfs

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