Memorial Day 2016

Each year I try to come up with something to say about Memorial Day and each year I can't. The words won't come.

This is an edited repost from years past and is, in no way, comprehensive.

Staff Sgt. Charles Sanders and the crew of Big Windy 25

CW2 Theodore U. "Tuc" Church and 1st Lt. Keith Heidtman

CW2 S. Blane Hepfner and CW2 J. Bryce Millward

CW2 Earl R. Scott III and CW2 Mathew C. Heffelfinger

CW3 Phillip E. Windorski

CW3 Corey J. Goodnature and the crew of Turbine 33 as well as the SEAL team they were heading to assist

Extortion 17

SPC Thomas Allison and the crew of "Wild 42"

Chief Warrant Officer Alan W. Gunn - for whom I wear a bracelet

Clay Hunt


CW3 Frank Buoniconti

My God, I miss my friends. For the ones I didn't know well or personally, my heart aches for their families - today and always.

Feel free to leave the names of those you are remembering in the comments below.

- hfs


virgil xenophon said...

Waaaayy late here as usual, hfs. Besides Lex I'll name good friend Capt Sam Deichelmann, USAF, RAVEN 47, MIA AUG 1968, (later changed to KIA) as well as MSGT Buck Pennington, USAF who blogged at his site "Exile in Portales" (was on Lexs' blogroll and commented there frequently) and who was my age. He had a wide variety of interests and was funny as hell. Had two sons, one a Maj in AF, the other a CDR in the Navy. His site is still up, and everything is there. Might want to go look (IF you have the time :) ) He died of COPD/congestive heart failure. My Father-in-law and a close friend both died that way--a VERY painful way to go.

Things seem to be going better with you, so I'll close and wish you and your family all the best.

Homefront Six said...

Virgil! Good to see you. I've missed you. Things are going better - if for no other reason than my attitude has shifted or my perspective. Or something. I don't know.

You're very right COPD/CHF is a BRUTAL way to go and I am sorry you've had loved ones suffer through that. I remember Exile in Portales...I didn't realize he had died. I am so very sorry to hear that. I will definitely go look again. Thanks for reminding me.

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