A Day Off

Today was a rarity - an actual day off. The Girl wasn't feeling well so she didn't go to before-the-crack-of-dawn swim practice and I have the start of a cold brewing so I opted to sleep in as well. rather than go to morning jiu-jitsu class. We have a big swim meet this weekend and I have a stupid packed week next week so I can't afford to be sick. Rest is my biggest (and most underutilized/poorly use) weapon so it was incredible to be able to do so today. As I am typing this, I've not left the property yet today and, if it weren't for my people demanding to be fed, thereby necessitating a run to the grocery store, I wouldn't do so until tomorrow.

I've spent the day catching up on some household chores, watching all six episodes of Mob City (which starred my current obsession, Jon Bernthal), chatting with friends online, keeping tabs on another friend whose close family members were killed and injured in a horrific car crash earlier this week, and reading. If it weren't ridiculously hot outside and if the rope holding my hammock to the tree hadn't broken (with me IN it!), I'd be out in the backyard reading a book. Need to pick up some more rope so I can set the hammock back up.

Now that my resume has been sent in, I can let the cat completely out of the bag with regard to Team Rubicon. I've been approached to be the State Membership Manager! I will be in charge of mobilizing our state members for operations as well as enhancing the membership experience through orientation, engagement, and administrative actions. I have no idea what all that encompasses but I'll learn. They are standing up MMs in each state within the region and, I'm assuming, in each of the 50 states if they don't already have one. I'll be working in conjunction with the Regional Membership Manager as well as the rest of the state and regional leadership teams.

I'm so freaking excited that I can barely contain myself! My family is SO tired of hearing the words Team Rubicon come out of my mouth :) It's not going to get any better. Sorry, peeps.

Time to go enjoy the fireflies in the backyard.

- hfs

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