Over the moon

When I finally got my act together and found room in my life for time to volunteer with Team Rubicon, I only ever envisioned doing ground-level work: what they call 'Strike Team' work. Mucking, clearing debris, hauling trash, throwing the occasional sledgehammer at a wall. I got a small taste of that up in Omaha at MOBEX Trigger a few months back and I loved it. I learned a ton and was able to work with some pretty awesome people.

I never envisioned anything beyond that level of engagement other than being the perpetual Team Rubicon cheerleader (seriously, TR, when are y'all going to stock a cheerleader's outfit in your store?) in real life and on social media. I mean, what more could a girl ask for? Hanging out with some incredible people while helping out those dealing with natural disasters - it doesn't really get any better than that, right?

Until yesterday when an email landed in my inbox that had me squealing and startling the people I work with. Parts of it read:

My name is XXXXX XXXXXXX and I am the Membership Manger for Region XXX. 
I would love to see you in leadership with Team Rubicon. 
I am telling you all of this, because I would love to have you on my team.  I would love to have you helping me engage our members, and help our members. 
Would you please consider applying for the XXXXXXXXX? 
To apply, send me your resume and cover letter.  Thank you for your consideration!! 

I about came unglued right there at work. They want me? To work at the state level for TR? Combining two things I am passionate about: military veterans and helping others? Hell yes! Sign me up! 

But I needed to take some time to talk about it with MacGyver and think it over. Summer time is ridiculously hectic in our family: early morning swim practice, jiu jitsu class for me, baseball, hitting the pool, work, work, swim meets, tackling our 'not bummer summer' TO DO list, etc. I can half-ass a lot of things in life but working with and for Team Rubicon is NOT one of those things. The time commitment isn't huge but it's still hours in the week I have to find somewhere. 

I sent my resume in this afternoon. I will sacrifice sleep or time at the pool or something in order to make this happen. 

I am over the freaking moon and thrilled to be considered for this. I've not done a single thing to deserve it but I will do my best to prove I am worthy.

- hfs

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