Do what you can, when you can

I received a phone call from a TR member today regarding an upcoming event. They were interested in helping out but apologetic over the fact that they hadn’t had time to commit. Basically, they didn’t want to give TR the "short end of the stick". 

Here’s the thing…I have one of the lowest TR numbers of anyone I’ve met. My TR# is 0001244. But I don’t put that out there to brag. 

I put that out there with this perspective: I signed up with TR back in May of 2010, after William McNulty came and spoke at the MilBlogger’s Conference in DC. The milblogging community had been supporting TR from the moment Jake posted about going to Haiti on his blog. I believed in the mission, and hearing Will speak about TR sold me so I signed up immediately. 

And then it took me SIX years to get my shit together enough to do anything other than be a TR cheerleader (seriously, National…can we get some TR pom poms in the TR store? Please?). I didn’t do a single TR-related event for six years. With an active duty husband whose op-tempo was insane combined with living on a medium-sized turd in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, I was essentially a single parent of two small children very far away from any kind of support system or extended family. There was no way I could swing anything other than cheerleading. 

But then, one day, I could. I managed to eek out time to get up to Omaha and participate in MOBEX Trigger. And it was great. I was hooked. Then we had an op in Eureka, about 2 hours from me, and I managed to eek out a day (0800 - 2000) for that. And they welcomed me with open arms. I was able to go back for a 24-hour period to the same op a few days later as well, and I’ve been able to hit 2 socials here locally. Other than our regional conference, that is all I’ve been able to do. 

And it’s enough because it’s all I’ve been able to do. That’s the beauty of Team Rubicon - they’ll take what they can get and be thrilled that you’re there to help. Nothing more. No expectations of anything beyond that. We are an organization of 35K+ who have full time jobs, full time families, full time lives, and yet a desire to continue to serve. It’s often a struggle to maintain the balance of family/work/school, let alone time to take off and muck out houses or haul debris or cut up trees or go to foreign countries and care for refugees and displaced persons. 

We get it. 

We’re right there with you. My regional leadership team faces the exact same struggles. We have people that work 60+ hour weeks. We have people that have little people at home, counting on them. We have full time students. We have people that physically aren’t in a position right now to take off to Louisiana and lend a hand, no matter how badly they want to. Very few people are in a position to truly serve in the capacity they wish to serve. 

We get it. 

No apologies necessary. Do what you can, when you can.

- hfs

P.S. On my TR bucket list: Meet Harry and give him a big hug. (see video at top of post)

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