Drinking from a fire hose

The title pretty much sums up the past month(s) of my life. However, that is not a complaint in any way.


I spend most of my days simply trying to contain my energy. I was trying to explain the physical feeling and the best I could do was relate it to licking a 9v battery - that buzz you get on your tongue. There are times in my day where I feel that EVERYWHERE in my body and it takes all of my self-control to keep from bouncing off the wall.

It's such a welcome change from where I was even 6 months ago. I look back, even just in my writing, and I see the change. I don't know what caused it, but I don't care to figure that out either. I'm just grateful for it. And I'm grateful beyond words for the people He has put in my life (or left in my life, as the case may be) that have not only encouraged me on this path but continue to kick my ass down it. Having that kind of support is something I will try never to take for granted.

My friend, DC, wrote a book titled, "Choose Your Super Power" and she asked me to read it prior to its release. The timing couldn't have been better. Her insight into the choices we face and the effects those choices have on our lives was profoundly moving and reassuring to me. If I ever doubted the path I'm currently on, I no longer do. I would encourage you to go grab this book and give it a read (no, I'm not earning anything for plugging her book. She's just awesome and so is the book.)

EMT class is going well. My instructor shushed me last night in class because I was answering all of the questions and not giving anyone else a chance. Whoops. I aced the first test and now we're finally getting past all of the dry/boring material and into more of the hands-on stuff. Trauma assessments come naturally to me (yay for lifeguarding!) and the familiarity is comforting. I'm looking forward to my ride-alongs, but my hope is that they are a little less exciting than the one I did the first time I took the class.

And then it seems I'll be working on my application to paramedic school.

On the Team Rubicon front, things have changed a bit there. National is working to get leadership within each state set up so that the states have more local control over events, operations, etc. Our state does not currently have a Training Coordinator, a Planning Coordinator, and a few other key personnel. Nor did we have a State Administrator (who gets to fill all of those roles personally until they can identify someone to take the lead in that position). So I offered to step into the State Admin role and they were crazy enough to let me! What I lack in experience, I make up in both enthusiasm and support (my Regional leadership team is freaking AMAZING). So I'm trying to be a sponge at the moment and learn as much as I can as quickly as I can. My two basic premises are:

1. There are no stupid questions
2. What are they going to do? Fire me? (probably not the best approach, but hey...what are they going to do? Fire me?)

Kansas is a bit of a blank slate so that helps. We've not had any kind of state leadership before so we can kind of make this up as we go. The blessing in all of this is that I have amazing people to work with...beside me here in this state, at the Regional level, and at the National level. I was in the middle of dispatching some people (my first real op to work behind the scenes on spooling up!) and fired off a question via email to National at 0115 in the morning.

I had an answer in 15 minutes.

Apparently, National doesn't sleep any more than I do. That kind of support is the norm.

While I didn't get the chance to go down to Mulvane, KS and help with the muck out down there, I did get to be a part of an operation from start to finish. It was fascinating to do so. I learned more in those 2 weeks than I could have learned in a month of reading about it all.

And next month, I get to go to the National Conference! I'm fan-girling so badly right now! I remember my first MilBlogging Conference and just wandering around, mouth hanging open, gaping at all of these people I had admired for so long. And they were all there, in one room. And I was there WITH them! It was surreal. That's how I feel about going to NatCon. And that's topped by the chance to spend quality time with my personal TR friends. I've been missing them something fierce since our Regional Conference in Branson so this will be food for my soul.

For now, it's time to study. Airway management, vital sign assessment, and trauma assessment review. Whee!

- hfs

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