I do have a life...

...outside of Team Rubicon, I swear.

Life is moving along. The kids are doing great in public school. I'm not sure if I talked about that in previous posts. The Boy decided last year that he wanted to try public school. We've always said they are welcome to discuss a change with us in terms of schooling/education. So he started last year. This year, The Girl waited until *THE* last minute (seriously, 17 hours before the start of the school year) and then decided she wanted to give public school a go. So I jumped through various orifices of my body to make that happen. Thankfully, the school's administration was incredibly accommodating and she's off and running. Well, maybe not running. Swimming. She's swimming.

EMT class is going well. We had our 2nd test the other day and I should get my score back today. I'm not as confident about this one as I was about the last one - I wound up at the Kansas Emergency Management Association (KEMA) conference last week and didn't have as much time to study as I had planned. That will teach me to procrastinate. The practical stuff is coming along well. I'm loving trauma assessments and looking forward to getting more into that side of things. We're starting to schedule our ride alongs as well.
UPDATE: score a 74/60 with the extra credit. Without it, I would have still scored a 'B' - decent but not up to my standards. 

MacGyver is doing well at school as well and should be approaching his 2,000 hour mark soon. At that point, job possibilities (medevac, primarily) open up and we should see some movement on that front. He's busy flying and studying for trig and working his butt off.

The KEMA conference was enlightening. I went as a way to learn what our county emergency managers actually do, the challenges they face, and what they might need from us (Team Rubicon). In addition to all of that, I learned that this might be something I am interested in pursuing and a natural progression of my work in EMS. There is a local community college that offers an associate's degree, but I have a BS already so I'm thinking I may explore a Master's instead. We'll see. Whatever path that takes will have to come after paramedic school.

The trees are starting to change colors, even if the temps don't reflect that it's mid to late September. Today we're supposed to be in the 90s with a heat index of upward of 100. But the trees sense fall coming and are starting to show it. I'm not ready. I love fall but I hate wearing shoes and I don't like being cold. I'm already longing for spring. I'll get over my pity party in a bit.

That's about all I have. October is going to be crazy busy - between swim meets starting again, CERT class, school, ride-alongs, TR stuff, and family life, the month is nuts.

But I wouldn't have it any other way.

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