I don't like to slow down

I was studying at SBUX before the holidays, and an acquaintance stopped to say hi. After the pleasantries, they asked what I had been up to lately - it had been a while since I had last seen this person. I gave them the Cliff's Notes' version of my life and was really excited to tell them some of what I had been up to.

They responded by saying that they hadn't seen me at church lately and hoped the holidays would afford me time to 'slow down' so that I could really focus on what was really important. That set me back a bit. I pressed a little deeper into what they meant, and the gist of it was that being busy prevents a person from truly appreciating the blessings in life or having a 'right relationship with God' - time to pray and 'talk to God'.

Huh. Who knew?

I'm pretty sure God cocked an eyebrow at that one.

See, He and I talk every day; often hourly. Sometimes, it's a simple 'Thank you' or 'Help' - those are my two favorite prayers. He hears those often. But I also talk to Him about the people in my life - those close to me, acquaintances, people I pass on the street - and the things going on for them and for me. It's pretty much an on-going conversation with Him that starts the moment I wake up until the moment I fall asleep. Thankfully, He never tires of my incessant yammering and He's never unavailable.

And here's the key: I can talk to Him even when I'm outside the 4 walls of my church.

I started to get defensive as I listened to this person talk and I started to point out that the majority of what I do during the day is in service to others (Matthew 28:19. Or Matthew 22:36-40. Or both.) or in preparation to be in service to others, but I stopped myself. There was no point. I do not need to justify myself or how I live my life to anyone. I am who I am and I know WHOSE I am. And I am becoming more and more aware of what He has called me to do and be in this life and NONE of it involves sitting still.

I am not wired to sit still. I never have been - ask my mom or my friends that have known me for any amount of time. Sitting still (for me) does no one any good. I'm of no use to anyone by sitting still, least of all God. He didn't put this passion in me for no reason.

Don't get me wrong - there is a time and a place for REST. But sitting still and rest are different things. God didn't design me to sit still.

So I don't. And I won't, until He tells me to.

I thanked this person for their advice and went back to studying. Must get awfully heavy for them to be carrying that gavel around...



"Examination Scored.
Congratulations on passing the NREMT National EMS Certification cognitive examination. Your passing results on the cognitive examination will remain valid for one calendar year from the date you took the examination, provided all other entry requirements of the NREMT are met. "

Goal #3 NAILED. I am a nationally registered EMT-B. It hasn't yet sunk in. Twenty-three years. Not perfect, but I'm making it work.

And now, I have nine days to catch my breath, tackle my 'TO DO' list (that hasn't really been touched since...we moved back to Kansas, if I'm being honest), and get ready for EMT-Advanced. That's an 8-month course that will add the ability to start IVs and intubate patients to my tool kit. While I'm working through that, I'll be prepping my application for Paramedic school. And if Paramedic school doesn't pan out (tough selection process for the program I'm looking to get into), then I am going to look into taking things in the Emergency Management direction. Not sure if that would be a Master's degree or just a certificate or what just yet. 

Can't sit still...


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