What a difference a year makes

About a year ago, I was fighting nerves and getting ready to head out to my very first Team Rubicon training event. Even though I've been a TR member since 2010, that was my first foray out into the real TR world.

NOTHING in my life has been the same since.

1APR will mark the one year anniversary of my active involvement with this organization that means so much to me. It will also mark the one year anniversary of a day when I found pieces of myself that I didn't know were missing. Granted, a calendar year in TR is akin to 7 years in real life. And that is so true. It feels like it's been 7 years since I met these people.

And 3APR will mark the start to a new chapter in my life - I've been hired (an honest to goodness paid position) on as the Regional Readiness Associate for Region VII in Team Rubicon. What does a 'Regional Readiness Associate' actually do, you ask? Good question! I'll be figuring that out with the help and guidance of my boss and the rest of the wonderful leadership team I work with. I am so excited that I can't form words to describe it all at the moment.

Oh, and as icing on the cake, last weekend I went to Saint Louis to help facilitate the Chainsaw Train the Trainer course (training existing TR sawyers to become Regional Chainsaw Instructors, or RCIs). I was only supposed to be site coordinator, but there was room in the course so I was able to tuck in and take the course! I came away with an action plan that lines out what I need to do in order to be a fully-functioning RCI: I need to co-teach 2 Sawyer 1 courses with a qualified RCI and I need more trigger time (service projects, cut days, and deployments).

Honestly, I'm not sure what I'm more excited about: the job or the RCI certification. Oh, who am I kidding? Totally the job. I'm over-the-moon thrilled that they chose to hire me. Never in a million years did I ever believe I would be anything other than a volunteer. I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the idea of even being on the leadership team as the Deputy Regional Membership Manager, let alone drawing a paycheck from this organization.

And the idea that I get to work even MORE with these people I love, doing these things that I love, and that I'm able to help support my family while doing so...this is a dream come true.

I am humbled beyond words.


Theta R. said...

Congratulations! This past year has been a lot of work for you, but you're definitely reaping the benefits. I'm so happy for you! (See the Happy Dance :) )

Homefront Six said...

Thank you! Actually, the past year has been amazing and incredible. Hasn't felt like work at all. I'm hoping that theme continues :)


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