My brain sees most things in very black and white perspectives. In Team Rubicon, volunteers wear grey shirts on operations and during training. Those that are in leadership - volunteer or paid positions - have black polos that are worn at conferences, speaking engagements, and academic exercises. Recently, I've seen a lot of half-hearted back-and-forth about 'greyshirt versus blackshirt' and it started me thinking.

Go figure.

Black shirt is what I do. It's a role; a job that allows me to serve the volunteers in my region and in the organization. It's a way for me to give back if and when I can't go on a deployment. I'm blessed to have this role and this job.

Grey shirt is what I AM. I was a volunteer with TR long before I ever stepped into any kind of leadership role. Even if my job were to disappear tomorrow or if I had to step away for some reason, I will remain a grey shirt.


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