Two months in - a review

Coming up on my two-month anniversary working for Team Rubicon, and to say it's been a whirlwind would be quite the understatement. In those two months, I've been to Los Angeles as part of our 'National Sync', I've managed to knock out the requirements necessary to complete my Regional Chainsaw Instructor certification, deployed on an operation in Missouri in response to flooding, tackled the challenges of learning the ins and outs of our volunteer tracking database, tried to teach myself the difference between facilitating and doing (sometimes failing miserably), been a part of more conference calls than I can count, and had the privilege to work with some of the most incredible people I've met in my life.

It's been a blast. I'm loving it. It's a daily challenge: How do we better engage our current members? How do we reach the military veteran population and offer up to them the amazing opportunities TR offers in terms of this incredible sense of purpose and community? How do we best shepherd our assets - those donor dollars that are so very precious? How do we increase the impact we have as an organization both to the affected communities and to TR's volunteers, particularly this amazing regional leadership that turns itself inside out to help at every opportunity? How do we honor and reward their commitment? These are the thoughts and questions that run through my mind all day, every day.

And in addition to all of this, MacGyver has a JOB!! He started flying with a local medevac company at the beginning of May and is enjoying it immensely. His schedule is kind of...fluid as he settles in, which makes for some challenging coordination when it comes to my crazy schedule and his, but things should settle down soon and we'll find a rhythm. Thankfully, with school out now, things get a little easier in terms of who needs to be where and when.

Oh, and did I mention I'm still in school full-time? Somehow I have to figure out how to get my required rig/clinical time in before the end of the class. Not sure how or if that's going to work but we'll see.

I wouldn't change a thing. Except maybe the ability to teleport...


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